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This year, since we have only 18 30-mins or 9 60-mins sessions that need to be filled via the submission system, we've choosen not to use an open submission system with different stages and their individual review committees.

Instead we have a simple form, which the presenters can fill. Once they submit their proposal/s, our core program committee will review the proposal and pick the best sessions. Unlike last years, we'll not be able to use an iterative approach to refine your proposals. We'll simply pick the best, fully flushed, ready-to-go proposals. So the more info your provide us, like links to 

  • all the previous conference presentations you've done
  • your slides (if not this presentation, some other presentation, so we can see the quality of your content) 
  • videos of your presentations (if not this presentation, some other presentation, so we can see your presentation skills)
  • your blogs or articles
  • and so on...

the better chance your proposal stands.

Tentatively we've 2 slots for submissions:

  • Early Bird (EB) - from 8th Aug - 31st Aug 
  • Just-In-Time (JIT) - from 1st Sep - 21st Sep

There are 3 main reasons why you would want to submit your proposals via the EB submission:

  • If we get 18 ready-to-go proposals via the EB submission, we might not open JIT submissions.
  • The early-bird conference registration starts late in October and we hope to get back to all the people who have submitted their proposals via EB submission before that. In case your proposal is not selected, you can still avail the early-bird conference registration.
  • If your proposal does get selected, and you have to travel to the conference, you can start making your travel arrangement to avail best fares.

conference program

Meet Craig Larman, Mary Poppendieck, Rebecca Parsons, David Hussman, Fred George, Jeff Patton, Jez Humble, Linda Rising, Neal Ford, Venkat Subramaniam and many other Agile Thought Leaders...

This Conference offers you:

26th Feb - 2nd March: 14+ Paid Workshops

27th-28th Feb (Wed-Thur): Management Agility Conference covering topics ranging from Management, Leadership & Org. Transformation, Product Discovery. Targeted at CxO, Executives, Managers & POs

1st-2nd March (Fri-Sat): Technical Agility Conference covering topics ranging from Development, Delivery & Ops. Targeted at Testers, Developers, Analysts, UX Designers, Architects & Dev-Ops

3rd-4th March (Sun-Mon): GuruPLoPthe first Indian conference on Patterns & Patterns languages of Program. Targeted at Pattern authors and others who are interested in writing Patterns.

Choose from 4 Parallel Tracks, Workshop, 1:1 Coaching or Open Space.

Lightning Talks

Have an idea to share? An experience to describe? A passion to spread?
Submit your lightning talk proposals today via our online form.

Attendees Profile

1500 participants from around the world.

Similar profile as Agile India 2012 Delgates.


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Conference Chair: Naresh Jain


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